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Extract SQL Feature Matrix

Extract SQL have many different functions depending on the selected node on the tree view.
Here is a matrix describing what you can expect if you execute EXTRACT SQL

Selected node on the tree Action
Database Disabled
  • The CREATE TABLE SQL with all the fields
  • Comments on the table and fields
  • User rights on the table
  • Constraints - Foreign Keys
  • CHECK Definitions on fields
    Table fields Disabled
    Rules if exist on table DROP AND CREATE RULE
    Triggers Folder Disabled
  • Action Trigger - Drop Trigger, Drop Function, Create Function, Create Trigger
  • Named Constraint Trigger (Foreign Key) Drop All Triggers,ALTER TABLE to recreate constraint
  • unnamed Constraint Trigger - Warning - Assumption (Guess) of the triggers to be dropped - ALTER TABLE SQL
    Index Folder Disabled
    Specific Index
  • If the index is a Primary Key - DROP INDEX, Alter table SQL (7.2)
  • If the index is a Primary Key - DROP INDEX, CREATE INDEX UNIQUE (<7.1.3)
    Sequence Folder Disabled
    Sequence DROP AND CREATE Sequence
    Owner Folder Disabled
    Comments Folder Disabled
    User Folder All User permission on table
    Specific User Disabled - Please use wizard new in 1.07